Here you will find videos of the various machines that Mid-Rivers Machinery manufactures.


Here is our 10g machine in action. Here you will see us clinching together our guards. Up to two pieces of 10ga. capacity, shown here in the video clinching 16ga. Capacity range of this tooling is 10ga.-16ga.



One of our most common questions about our machines is about safety concerns when the operators hands are in close proximity to the work being done. In this video you will see us using a sharpie marker as a stand in to demonstrate the built in safety feature of this machine.



This is another shot of our safety system, this time only using the plastic cap from a sharpie marker. This integrated safety is standard on all of our machines.



Here is our 10ga. clincher in action on some .125 3003 aluminum.



Here is another example of our 10ga. machine in action.



The Air Powered Cheek Bender is capable of flanging either 1/4″ or 3/8″, 30 Gauge to 20 Gauge Mild Steel. This machine is fast and easy to use.


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